The Warrior Physique
By Vincent Exertus
Couregeous, unconcerned, scornful, coercive - thus wisdom wants us.
She is a women and always loves only a warrior.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This book shows the true warrior exercises, argued through physics and anatomy, and verified through historical observation.

Most people have already acknowledged that machine exercises are inferior compared to barbell exercises. This book will show the superiority of true warrior exercises compared to barbell exercises.

It opposes the current fitness industry, being a sales industry utilizing steroids, synthol, muscle implants and photoshop to validate skewed logic. This book will debunk this bullshit.

Along with superior aesthetics, one of the important advantages of warrior exercises is that they increase fighting ability, instead of current weightlifting that is not transferable to punching. All the advantages of the warrior program over the current fitness programs are listed under the Advantages tab.

This book is also the first to rediscover the forgotten knowledge of consuming natural testosterone and natural growth hormones to enhance training results. It is not in the current knowledge database of the internet. The principle of natural testosterone is the reason that we see ancient statues of men who must be in their 40’s, looking incredibly strong, with long hair and full beards.

The Warrior Physique
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