The problems of the current fitness industry: fake results, capitalistic interests, and scientific inertia

The current fitness industry lacks logic and evidence

There is currently a lot of information available on physical training. What are the right exercises, what is the right rep amount, and what is the right total program to
gain the best physique, lose the most fat and achieve the highest athletic ability?

The right training program determines whether the efforts make the trainee superior, mediocre, or even deteriorate his appearance and athletic abilities.

Despite the high amount of fitness literature and the huge importance of the right training program, there are currently no books that can back up their exercises and
training program with indestructible logic and undeniable evidence.

The problems of the current fitness industry are fake results, capitalistic interests and scientific inertia.

Fake results are enabled by steroids, synthol, muscle implants and photoshop

Commercial fitness books repackage existing exercises, which are already promoted for 50 years. To prove the value of the training programs, bodies are shown that are the result of anabolic steroids, synthol (i.e. adding synthetic fat to the muscles), plastic surgery and muscle implants (

It is commonly believed that steroids create aesthetic physiques, but the reality is that steroids create ‘musclehead’ physiques. This was already noted by Vince Gironda, who practices bodybuilding in the early 50's, just before the introduction of Dianabol (the fist anabolic steroid) in 1958.

He was vehemently against the use of steroids for physique development, claiming that it contributed to agrotesque appearance.


Vince Gironda

It should be noted that the knowledge of Vince Gironda goes against the current fitness approach and parts of his logic are used in this book.

Nowadays, the fitness gurus and muscle magazines primary use muscle implants and plastic surgery, to compensate the grotesque effects of steroids and to prove the value of their ineffective training programs.

  • Pec implants:

Pectoral implants shape, enlarge, and firm the chest muscles, helping one attain the look they want while still allowing a natural appearance when the pectoral muscles are either flexed or relaxed.

Pectoral implants
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  • Bicep implants

Bicep and tricep implants can create muscular definition and increased mass/fullness in the upperarm area.

Bicep implants
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  • Ab etching

Men in relatively good shape that desire a more defined abdomen are the ideal candidates for six pack abs, also know as abdominal etching. Baltimore plastic surgeon, Dr. Markmann, performs male ab surgery, which removes excess fat, and reshapes the abdominal region, to enhance the abdominal muscles that are hard to get through diet and exercise alone.

Ab etching
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Besides fake bodies, fitness gurus often utilize fake weights (see for more information) in order to advertise themselves.

This is just the beginning of so many online options to purchase fake weights online. We offer two options: STANDARD SERIES and ELITE SERIES. Standard Fake Weights use only the industry best high density hydro cement to make our fake weights. All of our barbell plates are handmade, cast in white, and then painted flat black with silver lettering and have the exact look of the heavy barbell plate used to workout.

Fake weights
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Furthermore, the possibilities of faking bodies are endless. Steroids and plastic surgery are not even required. Tricks of the film industry are important tools for fake results used in the sales industry.

These are actors David Waliams and Matt Lucas from the serie 'Little Britain':

Little Britain

Their bodies solely enhanced through tricks of the film industry:


The only reason their result is not perfect is that they had too much belly fat to put the fake muscles on.

The origins of the current fitness industry: greedy capitalists

The exercises that current fitness books are based or were invented to make money instead of being set up with the best interest in others. Capitalism is not interested in selling the best product, capitalism is interested in selling the product that has the highest earning potential. Nearly all exercises that are currently advised by fitness gurus are invented by the fitness industry, that originally came up at the end of the 19th century,

just after the industrial revolution. The factories were able to produce fitness equipment, and the sales strategy was to start advising exercises for which produced, expensive equipment is necessary.

Scientists research existing exercises, but do not engineer exercises


Scientific research is limited to existing exercises. The scientists that write about fitness take the modern exercises as an assumption, and limit their scientific research to experiments that measure the effect of these exercises or variations of them. Engineered exercises based on natural deduction are lacking.

‘The warrior physique’ shows the warrior exercises, backed up by physics,anatomy and historical observation

This book will show the warrior exercises, deducted through physical and anatomical laws, and proven by historical observations.

The first chapter, for example, starts with an observation from a professional athlete:

Lifting weights has about as much resemblance to punching as cheesecake.

(Mike Tyson, Interview with Ian Durke, 1987)

Mike Tyson

Physics and anatomy are then utilized to explain why current strength training does not enhance fighting, and to construct a new exercise based on these conclusions.

The value of the exercise is then proven by historical observations. It is shown that the Trojan, Greek and Medieval warriors trained through this exercise, through indisputable sources like for example the Illiad, written by the renowned Homer.

At the end of the chapter, it is then also explained how the compound, dynamic warrior exercise leads to bigger muscles and better aesthetics than the static barbell, dumbbell and machine exercises.