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How The Warrior Physique distinguishes itself from other training programs:

Aesthetic advantages Fake muscles

'The Warrior Physique' does not show fake results. The warrior exercises lead to the impressively aesthetic warrior physiques as seen in the ancient statues. On the contrary, the modern fitness industry uses anabolic steroids, synthol, plastic surgery, photoshop and muscle implants. The true results of the modern training programs are average (barbell and dumbbell training) to low (machine training).

Dynamical muscles

The exercises in the book are more dynamic than the current fitness exercises (barbell, dumbbell and machines), and thus will lead to more muscles being trained, both overall (also on the interconnections) as well as the amount of muscles inside a certain body part.

What the current compound exercises are to isolation exercises, the warrior exercises are to the current compound exercises. While the current compounds lead to more muscle fibers being recruited and more testosterone being released than through the isolation exercises, the completer compound nature of the warrior exercises leads to more muscle fibers being recruited and more testosterone being released than through the current barbell compounds.

The warrior compounds also put full focus on the biceps and triceps in a compound exercise, contrary to the barbell compounds and the isolation exercises which train the arms ineffectively.

Only strength training is not enough to get the ripped physique. On the other hand, current cardio exercises are not effective. This book fills this gap and will prescribe the best exercise to create the ripped physique.

Right muscles proportions

The compound nature of the warrior exercises leads to the right proportions between the muscles, as the different muscles are trained in complete functional exercise. The warrior exercises are also extremely dynamic, contrary to the static barbell, dumbbell and machine exercises. Static exercises create gym rat bodies, while dynamic exercises create athletic bodies.

Compound, dynamic exercises create dense muscles. Dense muscles are aesthetic and improve athletic ability, while bulky muscles are for gym rats, are the results of steroids, and defer athletic ability. This will be further explained in the first chapter.

This book will give the exercise that can effectively train the muscles of the face.

This book will give the exercise that can effectively create a small waist, contrary to ineffective sit-ups.

The abs can only fully develop through compound strength exercises, not through bodyweight exercises like sit-ups or isolation exercises. The problem is that none of the current compounds put full focus on the abdominals.

Modern training programs neglect the neck, while an underdeveloped neck makes the athlete vulnerable and unaesthetic.

The current barbell compounds do not put enough focus on the forearms and calves. Note that these bodyparts should also not be trained through isolation exercises, as isolation exercises for the forearms and the calves are not effective and defer athletic ability.

The barbell, dumbbell and machine exercises have too feasible grips, which lead to undertraining of the wrists, hands and fingers. This will be further explained in the first chapter. The ankles, feet and toes are also not properly trained, as the feet stay on the ground and there is no extensive balancing aspect in any of the exercises. The summed up bodyparts are all extremely important in fight and field sports.

Athletic advantages Strenght Excercices

The warrior exercises are an expression of the natural movements of the body, contrary to the current strength exercises. The difference between natural and nonnatural movements will be explained in the first chapter.

Another reason why current strength training deteriorates athletic ability is that explosiveness is not taken into account, which results in slow muscles.

A 3rd reason is that current strength training threats all bodyparts in the same way, instead of understanding the specific functional value of the different muscles. This will also be extensively explained in the first chapter.

Mike Tyson

The first exercise in the book already contains physical and anatomical logic explaining why the warrior exercises do, and the current strength exercises do not increase fighting ability.

Lifting weights has about as much resemblance to punching as cheesecake.

(Mike Tyson, Interview with Ian Durke, 1987) American football

In American football, the barbell compounds are performed because strength is of fundamental importance in this sport and the side effects of the static barbell compounds are less influential. Yet, application of the warrior exercises does not have the side effects of the barbell training and gives better athletic increase than the barbell compounds. The reasons is that the warrior exercises are more dynamic and compound, and focus besides strength on explosiveness, balance, coordination and agility.

Explosive strength is key in athletic ability. In most training programs, there is no focus on explosive strength, or explosive strength is mistaken for acceleration. The difference between acceleration and explosiveness will be explained in the first chapter of the book.

How balance can be trained in strength exercises will be explained in the book.

Compared to the warrior exercises, today's strength exercises are too simplistic in their movement and lack serious range of motion.

Most fitness programs do not focus on agility. Some training programs contain stretching exercises, but this is not the most effective way to train agility. This book will give the best exercise to train this skill.


There are two ways to get back and neck problems: one is doing nothing and one is doing the wrong thing. This book will give the exercise that heals and/or avoids back and neck injuries, while at the same time making these bodyparts stronger. Some warrior exercises are similar in movement as the chiropractic exercises, but the warrior exercises also take strength into account.

It is also explained that the current barbell compounds often create lower back pain, as they are incomplete, unnatural movements. The barbell compounds are not aligned with the overall functions of the human body.Note that also sports like long running often create injuries, as they put prolonged pressure on the knees and lower back.

The muscles are not the only parts of the body that can be developed. Bones, joints and ligaments can also be trained. The static nature of the current exercises cause undertraining or distorted training of these bodyparts. Developing these bodyparts increases athletic ability and avoids injuries.

There will be an exercise in the book that greatly improves breathing ability. This will be of great value in sports, and also improves overall health. Improved breathing ability also lessens stress in daily life.

There are 3 forms of stamina: Muscle stamina, executive stamina and moving stamina. Not any form of stamina is trained in the right way in the current fitness programs.

The stamina exercises in the book are also the ideal exercises for fat loss. Current stamina exercises, like running 5 miles, are simply not the right exercises to improve stamina and lose fat.

The book will explain why current fitness programs lead to plateaus too fast and how plateaus can be avoided.

There is currently a big mistake in rep philosophy. It is believed that a choice need to be made between strength, volume and stamina. This book will give the one rep tactic through which all necessary variables are trained.

Practical advantages of the book

Current training programs perform too many obsolete exercises, as they perform bastard forms of the fundamental warrior exercises.

The clue is that the current machine, dumbbell and barbell exercises are designed so that gym subscriptions and/or gym equipment can be sold.

The book will reveal the habits outside training that increase physical results. These habits will also increase results in other fields of life.

A better understanding of food, and natural supplements

The book will categorize which food is for energy, which food is for recovery, and which food is for muscle building. Wrong knowledge about food leads to low energy, slow muscle building, and excess fat.

The current training programs, especially the ones that advise a lot of isolation exercises, only give a decent amount of muscle mass if steroids are injected, which have nasty side effects, like increased estrogen production.

Steroids also make the athlete less dynamic, explosive and flexible. Steroids merely increase the performance of mechanical movements.

Moreover, anabolic steroids per se create bulky, grotesque, 'musclehead' physiques. Bodybuilders and fitness models rely, besides their steroids, on synthol muscle implants and photoshop for their 'aesthetics'.

"He was vehemently against the use of steroids for physique development, claiming that it contributed to a grotesque appearance."


The golden physiques of the ancient statues were achieved through natural testosterone and natural growth hormones. Natural hormones result in increased muscle mass and the right aesthetics. The grotesque physiques, decreased dynamism and side effects of anabolic steroids occur because it is a synthetic substance. This synthetic feature is also the reason why TRT treatment is not the right way to raise testosterone levels.

Understanding how to consume natural hormones is essential, as between 25 and 30, the male testosterone and growth hormone starts to lower. This causes injuries, loss of energy, baldness, more difficult muscle growth and lower athletic performances. The reason for the ancient statues of men who must be in their 40's, looking incredibly strong, with long hair and full beards, is natural testosterone and natural growth hormones.

Muscle growth is more difficult to achieve in older adults than younger adults because of biological aging, which leads to many metabolic changes detrimental to muscle growth; for instance, by diminishing growth hormone and testosterone. Some recent clinical studies have shown that low-dose HGH treatment for adults with HGH deficiency changes the body composition by increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat mass, increasing bone density and muscle strength, improves cardiovascular parameters, and affects the quality of life.

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